Doing Business in Indonesia


Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and it is one of the potentially strong emerging market economies of the world.  The country is also a member of G-20 major economies. 

Indonesia has made quite significant changes to its regulatory framework to encourage economic growth. The growth was financed largely from private investments – both foreign investment and local investments. Domestic consumption is one of the major driving forces behind the country’s economic growth. Indonesia recorded  higher growth during the global financial crisies, compared to the other G-20 members.

Due to the flourishing business and economic condition Indonesia, the inflation rate of the country has also decreased quite substantially.  This is considered a positive sign for foreign investors. The inflation rate for 2011 in Indonesia was reported close to 5.98%, which is quite low as compared to previous years.  The government is taking steps and remedial actions to further reduce the inflation rate.

The financial situation of the country has progressed in almost every sector.  The government has come up with several schemes to bring stability in its growth and also to attract more foreign investors to further boost its economic condition.

However, one of the setback is the the amount of bureaucratic and legal hurdles faced by prospective investors and entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate business presence in Indonesia. 

Therefore, it is indeed very critical for the prospective investors to appoint and work with a truly reliable and professional Business Advisory Consultant that has the highest business integrity; who is willing to give the personal touch and go the extra mile to facilitate with the legal process of doing business in Indonesia.  



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